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Peristerona Pafou

€64,000 Zuzügl. VAT
Polis Peristerona Pafou
Wohngrundstücke Wohngrundstücke
2239m² Grundstücke
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such a nice seaview in the middle of the nature.... you will not find very often....

This asset is a field in Peristerona, Paphos, c. 250m east of the Steni - Peristerona road and c. 450m west of the centre of the village.

The asset has an area of 2,239sqm, an irregular shape with a sloping surface and a registered asphalted road along its south border and a registered dirt road along its northwest border. The plot enjoys a nice view of the area and the sea.

The immediate area of the asset comprises of undeveloped parcels of land as well as some scattered residential developments.

The property has the potential to be covered by all essential services (electricity, water and telecommunications).

The property falls into two planning zones:

-1,433sqm fall into residential planning zone H4 with 40% building density, 25% coverage, 2 floors and a maximum height of 8.3m.

-806sqm fall into agricultural planning zone Γ3 with 10% building density, 15% coverage, 2 floors and a maximum height of 8.3m.


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